I'm listed  as a certified instructor at: (As a Featured Instructor)

My courses are tailored to the experience levels, pace preferences, and schedules of my clients. I offer courses in a one-, two-, or three-day format, or can tailor them futher to suit your needs.

My fee is $95 per person:
 - If you have and use your own firearms and ammunition during the range portion of the class.
My fee is $130 per person:  
 - If you use my firearms and ammunition.  Your benefit is the use of multiple firearm calibers to help inform your future firearm purchase decisions.

I offer a 15% discount, per person, for groups  of
3 or more clients.

I offer pre-paid gift certificats that I'm happy to 
personalize in any way.

I accept, and do not upcharge for credit/debit:
 - Visa
 - MasterCard
 - Discover
 - American Express
 - Cash App
 - Check
 - and Cash (of course)