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My LAKE COUNTY CONCEALED CARRY INSTITUTE LLC classes fulfill or exceed the requirements of the State of Ohio to obtain an Ohio concealed handgun license and cover all aspects of pistol ownership, including, but not limited to:

     - The "Big 3" Firearm Safety Rules
     - Pistol & Ammunition Components & Terminology
     - Pistol & Ammunition Selection Considerations
     - Additional Safety Rules & Etiquette
     - Range Commands and Etiquette
     - Safe Firearm Storage Options
     - Loading & Unloading of Ammunition
     - Shooting Fundamentals
     - Shooting Fundamental Errors & How to Correct Them
     - Shooting Positions
     - Stoppages & to Clear Them
     - Cleaning & Maintenance / Disassembly & Reassembly 

     - Pros & Cons of Different Concealed Carry Positions
     - Factors in Selecting What Caliber(s) / Frames to Carry 
     - Ohio Law as it Pertains Concealed Handgun Licenses and the Use of Deadly Force
     - Above All, the Safety Aspects of Each of those Topics